If you’ve stopped by George’s Lincoln Park Diner recently, you know that we have some great desserts and entrees to talk about and enjoy. But did you know why our classic desserts taste so much better than the stuff you buy frozen at the grocery store? Read on to find out how George’s Lincoln Park Diner makes it better!

Fresh. Our cheesecake tastes so good because it is made fresh. Our ingredients are purchased fresh and used as soon as possible, making sure that they taste as good as they did when we first bought them.

Local. One of the things that sets us apart from others is that we try to use local ingredients whenever possible. Instead of using dairy products that have travelled across the country in the summer heat, we seek local New Jersey dairy, eggs, butter, and more when we make our cheesecake. You can taste the freshness in every bite!

Family Recipe. Ingredients, freshness, blah blah blah—we have plenty of customers who insist that nothing they try makes their cheesecake like ours! We’re going to have to give credit to our family history, here: we’ve been making our cheesecake fresh and delicious for many years, incorporating the old tips and tricks that George, our owner, learned years ago!

Artful Presentation. Our cheesecakes don’t just taste good, they look good! From the perfectly set, but never burned crust, to the evenness of the filling, to the rich, artfully applied layer of strawberries on top, we want to satisfy your every sense—including sights! That’s why we make each cheesecake (or slice of cheesecake) as beautiful as can be.

Did we mention fresh? We don’t just start with fresh ingredients—we ensure your cheesecake is fresh by baking fresh each day and sending the leftovers to loving homes (the GLP staff love it too!), making sure that your cheesecake is just as fresh on Friday as it was on Monday, because we baked it that morning!

For a tasty cheesecake experience and more, visit George’s Lincoln Park Diner today!