Most people in New Jersey are quite familiar with Taylor ham—after all, its one of our state specialties, and it is amazing! But, for those of our guests who are from out of state, out of country, or were never really sure what Taylor ham is, here’s a primer!

Pretty Tasty Pork Roll

Taylor ham is actually a pork roll, a preserved pork product that is made by combining special spices, salt, preservatives, and a sugar cure to pork, then smoking and packaging it. The original and official name of the food is actually “John Taylor’s Original Taylor Pork Roll,” which is slightly redundant, but that means you get to eat it twice! Just kidding… maybe. The pork roll originally came only in a sausage-like casing, but is now available in other forms. There are competitors out there, and many Taylor ham pork roll purists argue that these are simply pale imposters!

Why so good?

If you’ve ever tried Taylor ham, you know that it melts in your mouth, drowning your taste buds in a unique blend of sweet, spicy, salty, and smoky… it stimulates all sorts of different taste receptors for an amazing experience! The texture is moist, meaty, and delicious, especially when prepared by the expert chefs at George’s Lincoln Park Diner in New Jersey. It is the perfect breakfast meat!

Fun facts about Taylor Ham

People outside of New Jersey and the east coast have often never heard of this delicious meat!
New Jersey is the only state to hold a Pork Roll Festival.
Pork rolls date back to the Civil War—and likely before then as well!
The product was originally called “Taylor’s Prepared Ham,” but had to be changed because it was not technically “ham.”
People in New Jersey did not care about this technicality, and Northern NJ still calls it Taylor Ham!
Cuts are made in the edge of each slice before cooking to keep the meat from curling.
Are you ready for some Taylor ham already? Get over to George’s LPD! We serve some of the best Taylor ham in New Jersey, and are looking forward to serving you!