As spring gets into full swing, you may find your taste buds less geared toward comfort foods and more prepared for light, easy foods that sit well in an active stomach. Many people are unaware, but your favorite diner and restaurant in New Jersey may have some delicious, lighter fares available. Ready to see our favorites? Here they are!

When it comes to thinking light, most people’s go-to idea is salad. And for good reason—a salad consists of any finely chopped foods, which means that the combinations are nearly endless! For most in the US, salads also signal leafy greens, making these options part of a lighter meal. And we have plenty of varieties at George’s Lincoln Park Diner! One of our favorites is the LPD salad, combining grilled shrimp, mixed greens, red onion, cucumber, dried cranberries, crumbled bleu cheese, pecans, and balsamic vinaigrette. Our visitors go wild for our Greek salad, starting with salad greens and topping with feta cheese, tomato, Greek olives, stuffed grape leaves, and topped with Greek vinaigrette.

Seafood has the benefit of tasting indulgent while still coming in light on calories, fat, carbs, and all those other things people look to avoid while seeking a lighter dining choice. We have a full seafood section, all served u alongside potato or rice and fresh vegetables. Try our broiled jumbo shrimp, served alongside drawn butter and a lemon wedge, or our broiled filet of sole or tilapia for the lightest options. Our fried flounder and fried jumbo butterfly shrimp are a little heavier, but still very popular.

Light Protein
For a light meal that will last a while, try some lean protein. Our tuna salad or chicken salad is a great choice, as is our chicken marsala, served up with your choice of rice or potato. For a light breakfast “cheat,” try our breakfast menu! Eggs are the perfect source for light protein, and we have plenty of different styles to choose from.

Ready for a light lunch today? Stop by George’s Lincoln Park Diner today for a great meal!