Protein, found in meats, eggs, milk, nuts, grains, and legumes (as well as others!) is vital for the health of your body. In fact, it is protein that is responsible for growing muscle, bone, hair, blood, and more—protein is quite simply the building block of the human body! While some research suggests that Americans get “plenty” of protein, this may be a bit of a misconception. At George’s Lincoln Park Diner in NJ, we have plenty of protein options for you to choose from, so we thought we’d share some interesting nutrition research and tips to get more protein.

Harvard Says “Yes!” to Protein

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States sets nutritional guidelines to help promote a healthy population. Among these is a recommended amount for fat, proteins, and sugars. But unlike fats and sugars, the amount suggested for proteins is a minimum, not a maximum. This means that the amount established is the littlest amount you can consume without getting sick. Going over that amount is a good thing for most people, because it provides more protein to your body and makes it less likely that you will fill up on carbs or fat instead. To put it in perspective, the RDA, or Recommended Daily Allowance, of protein is only about 10% of your diet. However, research conducted in the study suggests that up to 25% of one’s diet can be filled with protein and still be quite healthy! Some, such as the elderly, may need even more protein.

Getting more Protein In

Hopefully, we’ve made a case for eating more protein. But how do you do it? First, look at the typically lowest-protein meal of the day: Breakfast. Most Americans are more likely to consume cereal, donuts, or other carbs, but a filling meal of eggs, meat, and whole grains will give you more protein and fill you up all day! The omelets at George’s are perfect for packing in the protein! Toss some chicken or shrimp on your salad to boost its protein without adding many calories. Consider alternative proteins as well, such as beans, especially if you are a vegetarian.

Ready for a protein-filled meal? Head on over to George’s! We’ll cook it just how you like it!
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