If you ask most schoolchildren what their favorite season is, they will answer “summer!” Summer is great for kids; there’s no school, plenty of great weather to play outside, and the swimming pool in the area might be open. But for adults, summer can translate into the most stressful season of the year. There’s no school to keep your kids busy, plenty of great weather for them to get into trouble with, and you have to worry about them drowning in that swimming pool! Not to mention, you have your normal bills to pay, grass to cut… you need to relieve some stress! At George’s Lincoln Park Diner in NJ, we see plenty of exhausted people coming in during these hot summer months to cool off and take a break, and we’d like to share our favorite stress-relieving tips this summer!

1. Eat healthy. You may not feel like you have time to do so, but a healthy diet gives you the energy needed to tackle the day. If you don’t have the time to make a healthy meal for yourself, consider ordering online from your favorite diner in NJ.

2. Say “no!” It’s okay to say no to things. Even things you like to do. In fact, when you say “no” to more things, you free yourself up to do the things you truly love.

3. Cut corners with pride. Feeling swamped by the housework? Have the kids do it, or hire help before a big event. Let go on strict standards—do you really need to vacuum every Sunday, or could you live with doing it every other Sunday? Take advantage of the great online ordering options at your favorite restaurant, or go all out and take the family out for a meal. This means no dishes!

4. Prioritize fun. This may seem strange, but if you feel like all you do is work, it’s probably true. This can lead to burning out, which makes you less productive. Instead, schedule some fun time into your calendar and revitalize yourself!
For a quick meal out, a great online ordering option, or a catering resource, George’s Lincoln Park Diner has you covered!