Remember your mom yelled at you as you ran out of the house in the morning for school. “Eat your breakfast!” she would demand, as you headed out to a whole day without food. Turns out—your mom was right! Breakfast is not only one of the most enjoyable meals of the day, but one of the most important. Read on to find out why you should visit a great diner in New Jersey this week for a healthy breakfast.

1. Breakfast makes your brain work better. Ever try driving a car without gas? You don’t get very far. Your body works the same way—when you deprive it of fuel, it doesn’t want to go very far! This is especially true of your brain, which is the biggest resource-hog in your body. To perform at your best in terms of thinking, learning, and remembering, that squishy pink thing in your head needs some food to start the day!

2. Breakfast boosts metabolism. Many people skip meals when they are trying to lose weight. The result? Your body panics and thinks it’s starving! On the other hand, when you eat a healthy, reasonable breakfast, your body is triggered to digest, process, and turn that food into energy. This energy not only makes it more likely that you’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator, it also fuels your metabolism. Breakfast calories might not even out (especially if you enjoy a giant plate of pancakes and syrup), but they will get your body ready for a healthy day.

3. Breakfast puts you in a better mood. Are you familiar with the term “hangry?” This is when you get so hungry, you’re angry! Actually, people’s moods are often influenced by their bodily states—think of how much more easily you get frustrated in the summer heat, or how loneliness seems so much deeper in the cold of winter. When you’re hungry, your body protests, and your mind follows. Having regular food can even out your body’s responses and put you in a better mood.

Are these reasons not enough to get you into George’s Lincoln Park Diner in New Jersey for breakfast this week? Head on over to our photo gallery page and check out the mouthwatering photos. We can’t resist, and we bet you can’t either!