You know you love going to your favorite restaurant in New Jersey for a great meal, but should you bring the kids? It can be a hassle, and you may wonder if you’re getting your money’s worth—after all, small children usually pick at foods anyway. But as members of the restaurant industry, those of us at George’s have seen plenty of children come through our diner doors, and there are many benefits to dining out for children. Read on to find out our favorite three!

Social Skills Development
One of the most important reasons why you should bring your child to a diner in NJ is that they learn important social skills. From appropriate behavior (no, we do not make “art” with our food at the restaurant) to practice being assertive and asking for what is needed, a restaurant is a great place for children to practice those adult skills you hope to have them learn before they head off to college.

Great Rewards
Going out for a meal is a great reward, and one that many children will work hard for. Whether you need to inspire your seven-year-old to learn spelling words or your seventh grader to turn in her homework, a “big” reward like this is out of the ordinary and exciting! Even more, visiting your favorite diner in Lincoln Park brings us to #3: Quality time!

Quality Time
Between work, school, and screens, many family members barely get any real “facetime” with those they love. Change this pattern and set a special date at George’s! Dining together is a great way to grow closer, chat about life, and get to know one another better.

Meal Options
What will your child dine on next time he or she visits at George’s? Great question, and one we have a variety of answers for. Our kids meals start with breakfast, so bring your kids in for an egg any style, Taylor ham and egg sandwich with cheese, pancakes, or French toast. For lunch and dinner, enjoy kids’ classics like cheeseburgers, hot dogs, quesadillas, pizza, spaghetti, chicken fingers and PBJ. Stop by today, and don’t forget the kids!