In the days of “Netflix and chill,” more and more people are choosing to entertain themselves at home. But do you really want to add cooking and cleaning to that list? That gets a big “nope” from most people, which explains why takeout is so popular lately! At George’s Lincoln Park Diner in New Jersey we realize that people love to take great food home to eat it, so we’ve recently started offering catering with easy online ordering. Read on to find out why takeout is the best!

1. No cleanup. When you cook at home, you can make quite a few dishes—especially if everyone wants different foods. The preparation dishes, cooking dishes, and serving dishes will all have to be washed, but if you get takeout, the diner in NJ handles most of that—and delivers your food in a container that you can eat out of and toss when you’re done!

2. Eat as much as you want, when you want. Some people simply aren’t big eaters. They like to pick, poke, and graze, and that’s great! But at a restaurant, you may feel pressured to eat all that food at once, upsetting your stomach and leaving you hungry later. When you take food home, you can eat it immediately, wait for later, or keep coming back for more.

3. Get work or relaxing done. Sometimes you just need to multitask. Whether you are working through lunch, binging on your favorite series, or anything else, sometimes you just can’t commit to being in a restaurant for the time it will take you to eat your food. Enjoy it at home without the pressure of being away from home.

4. Share freely. Have you ever noticed that you stick to your own plate at the restaurant, but are more likely to share takeout orders? We have too, and we think it can be a pretty cool feature of takeout. All your food comes at once and you have the benefit of eating it however you want it from the comfort of your own home, which makes sharing and trying easier.

5. Dress to not-impress. Sometimes, you want to get dressed up and visit your favorite restaurant in Lincoln Park… other times, you find yourself questioning whether you have any “fancy” sweat pants you can go out in. Skip that debate and commit to dinner in your pajamas! It’s a great indulgence now and again.

Are you hungry yet? If so, order online from our diner in NJ. It’s easy, fast, and you’ll be back at home with your food in no time!