You know the drill. You spend all year thinking about the grand holiday plans that you will have for your family, friends, or office, but when the weather turns cold and those holidays hit, you wind up struggling to cook, arrange, or clean up from all that work. How you wish you could just transport your guests to a great diner in New Jersey and let someone else handle it! Teleportation skills aside, we have a solution for your problems: Catering! Read on to find out the top 5 reasons why you should cater your events during this holiday season.

1. Save time. When you cook, especially for a large group, you are committing a lot of your time. You have to plan, prepare, buy the food, prepare it for cooking, actually cook it, serve it, clean it up, put it away… it’s tiring just to think about! Eliminate this time-suck and let skilled chefs prepare your meal.

2. Save money. Most people save with catering, but even more are surprised to find how affordable it is! Certainly, a prepared meal will cost more than the raw ingredients, but once you factor in spices, pans, heating costs, and the cost of your time, you may be surprised! George’s offers catering in NJ for a great price, so do your comparisons!

3. Save space. Many people are living in small spaces, which works great most of the time. But have you ever tried to cook a big meal in a kitchen the size of a closet? Free up the space in your home and let someone else do the cooking.

4. Save relationships. Do you and Aunt Gertrude lock horns each year about how to make the gravy? Eliminate this household stress and have someone else bring the food!

5. Save sanity! Stress is a huge threat to physical and mental health, and few times of year are as stressful as the holidays. Keep your sanity intact and pass this burden onto someone else.

Have we convinced you yet? If not, view the catering menu for George’s Lincoln Park Diner in NJ!