The holidays may be the time for gift-giving, but gifts are losing their sway. Why? We have everything! In today’s society, we have so much stuff that visitors to George’s Lincoln Park Diner in NJ are talking about what to do instead of gifts this holiday season. Read on to find out our top five favorite alternatives!

1. Event-presents. The hottest gift in 2019 is going to be the event! Instead of stocking up on stuff, stock up on experiences such as tickets to a musical, reservations at a climbing wall, dates out horseback riding, or anything else active! This helps you bond with those you love.

2. Time-presents. With everyone so busy these days, who has time to spend quality time? Those who plan it, that’s who! Some use the classic “coupon” system for quality time, others enjoy symbolic gifts, such as gift card to your favorite diner in NJ, tickets for two to visit a spa, or another bonding experience.

3. Digital goods. Have a friend who’s moved to the internet? Digital goods such as avatar upgrades, game tokens, or digital currency can be a way to support your tech-savvy friends in the real world.

4. Future time-savers. As we mentioned earlier, time is a huge issue, and anything that can save time is a valuable gift. Some ideas that we have heard include gift cards to restaurants with online ordering for tasty meals without hassle, productivity tools such as calendars or schedules, or time-savers like subscriptions to meal-prep kits, entertainment packages, or more!

5. Donations. One of the best things you can do this holiday season is to give. It gives you a warm feeling, and more importantly, it helps your neighbors to meet their needs and survive in today’s challenging times. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for someone you know has everything, consider making a donation to a charity they would love in their name, or even anonymously.

Remember, the spirit of the holidays is to give, love, and enjoy—not get the most stuff ever! When choosing a holiday experience this year, make it a memorable one. The team at George’s Lincoln Park Diner wishes you a bright holiday season!