The leaves are changing, and ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are soon to be roaming the streets! Whether you love a good Halloween bash, a sports marathon, a fall leaf party, or a chili con carne cook off, fall is a great time to plan a party! The team at George’s Lincoln Park Diner knows a thing or two about planning, so we thought we’d share our favorite tips.

Theme it Up! The events we host at George’s always do better with a theme, and the same is probably true for your favorite fall party. Whether you go with costumes, or something else, planning your event around a theme gives everyone something to talk about, an idea for what to wear, and a fun tension-breaker when meeting new people. Coordinate decorations, food, and music for an immersive experience!

Build a Menu. What do people love to do when they get together? Eat, of course! Plan the menu for a fall party success, including plenty of snacks, drinks, soft drinks, and friendly items for kids if they will be attending. For an easy part, place a catering order in New Jersey at George’s Lincoln Park Diner! We order plenty of food that is great for game day, costume day, or any day!

Set Times. Whether planning a party for kids who need to get home to bed, or for adults who may linger all night, setting times for your party to start and end lets your guests know what to plan for.

Events. Okay, you have all the times, dates, themes, and foods set up… now, what will you do? While standard chit-chat, listening to music, and eating delicious food catered by George’s will keep you busy for a while, plan some exciting events to match your party. From scavenger hunts, to card games, to bobbing for apples, more activities mean more fun!

Worn out from all your fall party planning? Don’t worry! Just head over to George’s Lincoln Park Diner tonight for a great meal!