Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and your date wants a romantic meal! Since as far back as human history is recorded, food and love have been intertwined. After all, how else can you spend time with someone and nourish them all at once? Certain foods have gained a reputation as being particularly amorous, whether due to their natural compounds, or just popular culture. If you and your partner want a casual, friendly place for a romantic dinner this Valentine’s Day and don’t want to deal with a long wait at a lavish restaurant, visit your everyday favorite at George’s Lincoln Park Diner! Here are our favorite romantic menu items!

Steak and Seafood
An American romantic classic, a good steak can set the mood for a delightful night! Our 10 oz ribeye steak with an onion ring garnish is a perfect option for this, or, for the lighter fare, try our seafood. Our fried jumbo butterfly shrimp are perfect for popping into one another’s mouths, or go light with a broiled filet of sole.

The first item on our list isn’t even a food, but it is worth mentioning: Caffeine, particularly coffee, has been shown to increase a woman’s libido! Plus, plenty of caffeine ensures you’ll both be alert and eager for the rest of your night.

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Garlic, red sauce, and slurpy noodles may seem like a recipe for disaster, but if it’s adorable when two cartoon dogs dine on this classic meal together, just imagine recreating it with your loved one. Bonus points for asking your server to snap a photo of that classic moment where you both meet in the middle of a noodle!

Their Favorite Dish—At Home
Is your romantic partner the type who would much rather stay home and relax than go out on holidays? Don’t worry, George’s Lincoln Park Diner offers takeout! Place an online order at George’s Lincoln Park Diner and bring it home to your partner for a no-frills night.
Ready for romance? Remember, it’s the love that counts—but a great meal can help you say it!