After a long, warm summer, the chill of fall is finally here! And with it comes delicious comfort foods! No matter what your dietary plans, most people can admit that chilly temperatures make them crave some calories—in fact, calorie-dense foods like pastas, creamy sauces, and cheeses could have made our ancestors a little more likely to survive the winter! In the modern world of online ordering and food delivery, most of our customers aren’t literally starving, but the desire to stock up on comforting foods still holds true! For decades, diners have been the go-to source for comfort food, and George’s Lincoln Park Diner in New Jersey keeps this tradition strong! Check out our fall comfort food options and see what tickles your taste buds!

Breakfast Any Time
For a guaranteed comfort-filled meal, try breakfast foods! For night owls, you’ll be thrilled to know that George’s offers all-day breakfast, so you can enjoy fresh made pancakes and syrup, scrambled eggs and toast, omelets, and waffles whenever you’d like! Our eggs benedict, smothered in our signature Hollandaise sauce, is the perfect way to start—or finish—your day!

Melty and Gooey
The best comfort food doesn’t just taste good, it hits all the right sensory buttons and smothers your tastebuds with melty, gooey goodness! Our paninis and sandwich melts are the perfect comfort food, combining delightful meats, veggies, and cheeses together and grilling them to warm, gooey, crispy-on-the-outside perfection. Served alongside French fries, potato salad, onion rings, or sweet potato fries, these meals will lift your mood!

Pasta is the classic comfort food for a reason: those carbohydrates leave you feeling full and satisfied! Like most of the best diners in New Jersey, George’s Lincoln Park Diner offers a variety of Italian specialties, including chicken and eggplant parmigiana, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken marsala, and penne with vodka sauce.

Roasted Deliciousness
Sometimes, your comfort foods need some protein! Our roasted meats, including roast beef, ham, chopped steak, and roasted turkey bring back memories of family dinners and special occasions. And who could leave the comforting classic meatloaf off this list! We make ours fresh daily and top it with savory mushroom gravy.
In need of some comfort today? Then stop by George’s Lincoln Park Diner today, or place an online order and take it home with you to enjoy in the most comfortable place you can think of.