No matter your relationship with food, you have to admit it can be comforting to sit down with a hot plate. Many people associate comfort food with high-fat, carb-loaded classics, just like mom or grandma used to make! But where did comfort food start off? Chances are, it was with a budget. Read on to find out about the history of comfort food, as well as our favorite warm and filling dishes from George’s Lincoln Park Diner!

The Start of Comfort Food
Comfort food has been a thing since the first humans figured out how to cook. Even infants automatically prefer warm bottles to cold (try feeding a baby a cold bottle for a lesson in failure!), and salty, meaty, and sweet flavors naturally appeal to many living things. We can safely assume that, in times of famine, the offer of food was more than just a comfort, it was a literal lifeline. But when did comfort food take on its meaning as excessive, soft, warm, and delicious? 1966. Oddly specific, but the first new article to cover comfort food from your favorite restaurant was the Palm Beach Post, which credited homemade, classic, warm and gooey foods as comfort foods.

The Best from George’s
If you’re looking for the best comfort food in Lincoln Park, look no further than our corned beef hash! This is one of our most popular dishes for a good reason—it’s delicious! Whether you stop in for breakfast in the morning or any time of the day, our tender corned beef hash will satisfy your cravings!
For a classic finger-food comfort, try our baskets! Whether you choose chicken tenders, fish and chips, shrimp, or fried chicken, your basket will have all the tasty, salty crunch you crave, and are perfect for dipping!
Pasta pleases everyone! The classic comfort dish is loaded on top of pasta. From tomatoes to cheese to white sauce, we have something for everyone!

Corned Beef Hash
Ready to embrace the comfort foods of the season? Stop in at George’s next time your in Lincoln Park, or place an online order to bring that delicious comfort food right to your home! If you’re hungry but don’t want the hassle of cooking or cleaning up, an online order will have you feeling full, warm, and relaxed.