Summer harvest has been fruitful and there are many more weeks left to enjoy a bounty of New Jersey home grown produce. When July melts its way into August this is the time that summer harvest is at its peak. Zucchini and yellow squash is golden and tomatoes are ripening beautifully. Lettuces and all kinds of greens like kale and spinach plus basil and parsley is blooming. Fresh vegetables are part of a healthy diet providing vitamins and antioxidants, and now is when the taste can’t be beat.

The chef’s at George’s Lincoln Park Diner in Morris County, NJ are taking advantage of the season serving everyday fare like the Vegetarian Omelete, Garden Salad, and Burgers with all the fresh fixins to upgrading daily specials such as the Broiled Rib Eye Steak, or Fresh Seafood with a potato and vegetable of the day.

Buying local assures the freshest of flavors. Even many supermarkets are now stocking the shelves with produce from local farmers. How long lettuce has been sitting around really does have an impact on the nutrition that gets into your body. Some vitamins like A, C, and E can disappear quickly. Don’t you want to eat what tastes the best with the added dose of nutritional benefits too?