If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck! October is National Dessert Month and National Cookie Month! We know that many people are interested in cutting down on sugar intake, and we completely agree—but remember, consumption in moderation is a great way to enjoy and feel good. Looking for something sweet? Head over to George’s Lincoln Park Diner today or check out our list of our favorite desserts.

(Milk) Shake it Up!
Is there anything better than a fresh, creamy, sweet milkshake? Nope! We think not. That’s why we start with fresh, locally-sourced ice cream, blending it to perfection with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, Oreo cookie, or banana and a little milk to produce a thick, creamy shake you’ll enjoy for a while!

Float On
Looking for something fizzier? Try our ice cream floats! We start with our fresh vanilla ice cream (or chocolate, if you’re feeling creative), and slowly combine soda for a delicious float that will leave you smiling. Or, enjoy our ice cream scooped up fresh and simple!

Pie in the Sky
Our pies are out of this world! For the best pie in Lincoln Park, visit George’s! We have regular offerings and seasonal fruits when available.

Our Cannoli is simply too good for silly names and fluffy descriptions. It is prim, proper… and delightfully sweet!

Rice is Nice
Rice Pudding is an underappreciated sweet, but the team at George’s knows ours is great! From tender, fluffy rice to the creamy pudding, this is a comfort food enjoyed by many.

Fresh and Fruity
For those who are watching their sugar intake, nature provides us with a great dessert! Enjoy a house-made fruit cup featuring our freshest fruits.
Do these ideas have your mouth watering for something sweet and delicious? If so, visit George’s Lincoln Park Diner today, or order something to take home with you! Our pies are perfect for the holidays.