Do you love any excuse to celebrate? How about an excuse to eat delicious ice cream? If so, join us at George’s Lincoln Park Diner on November 11th for National Sundae Day! That’s right, someone, at some time, decided to dedicate this whole delightful day to one of the best treats ever—sundaes! Read on to find out the history of the sundae and the offerings you can find at George’s!

Sundae History
The history of the ice cream sundae is interesting and hotly contested! Some argue that the sweet treat comes from older words like “sondhi” while others insist it is a reference to the day of the week—some even argue that very conservative religious leaders once thought that ice cream was too indulgent for Sundays, prompting the name change. Others drum up accidental stories of ice cream coming into contact with soda syrups, and these specials only being available on the special day of the week: Sunday.

Sundaes at GLP
No matter what you call it or where the name came from, ice cream sundaes are undoubtedly delicious! We offer chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream at our diner in New Jersey, with caramel, chocolate, and strawberry syrup to go on top. On national Sundae Day or any day, stop by for a delicious ice cream treat!

Other Treats at GLP
Love a sweet treat, but not feeling a sundae? We have plenty of other options! Our ice cream floats are filled with the same delicious ice cream, accompanied by soda, or for an indulgent drink from top to bottom, try one of our milkshakes! What would a diner in NJ be without cannoli? Ours is light and crisp outside, creamy and rich inside. Or, try a fruit cup for a healthier alternative. We have something for everyone at George’s Lincoln Park Diner!