According to the lists all over the internet, the last week of February is National Pancake Week! While we like to think of every day as a pancake day (have you tried our pancakes at George’s Lincoln Park Diner in NY?), having a whole week dedicated to these carb-filled breakfast cakes is our idea of a perfect week. Find out more about National Pancake Week and see how we can help you spice up the week with some great ideas from our restaurant in NJ.

The History of National Pancake Week

It may surprise you, but the history of pancakes dates back to the Middle Ages! This originally began as part of the Lent celebration, and was a way for families to use up additional milk, flour, eggs, and butter before deferring to a simple diet during the Lent celebration. Fan of Fat Tuesday? This often coincides with National Pancake Week, and gives you plenty of opportunities to gobble down some pancakes!

Celebrate at George’s!

We have plenty of tasty pancake options for our diners. Whether you order a short stack or a full order, our buttermilk pancakes come out golden, soft, and delicious! Of course, nothing makes pancakes better than chocolate, so give our chocolate chip pancakes a try. In the mood for something a little healthier? Try our fruit pancakes, smothered with fresh bananas, blueberries or strawberries. Want to kick it up to an indulgent notch? Our smothered fruit pancakes come with your choice of apple, strawberry, or blueberry preserves, and are then covered in whipped cream! No matter what you get, don’t forget the syrup!

Step it up at Home

If you’d rather stay in and enjoy National Pancake Week, here are some ideas that we’ve had from our guests at our diner in NJ. Cinnamon pancakes are a popular request, and are as easy as shaking some fresh, high-quality cinnamon into your mix. Chocolate chips can be swapped out with any types of candy chips, including butterscotch, caramel, white chocolate, or peanut butter. If you’re quite skilled, consider adding fruits right into the mix!

We serve up plenty of pancakes at the Lincoln Park Diner—we hope you’ll join us soon for some!