Get ready, because the roaring 20s are just around the corner! It seems strange, but the 2020s are coming right up, and what better way to celebrate than with a New Year’s Eve Party! When you’re planning your holiday events this year, make sure to keep the last night of the year open for fun, excitement, and hopes for the next year! Read on to find out some great suggestion for having a blast!

Party Hardy
Love a party? New Year’s Eve is for you! But if you love to party, you probably don’t want to spend all your time planning, organizing, and cooking! Instead, consider having your NYE event catered in New Jersey for a fun, easy night. You may not realize it, but your favorite restaurant or diner is likely to offer catering menus or online ordering options—but make sure you watch the time, because many are closed by midnight. At George’s Lincoln Park Diner, we have catering options that are perfect for eating later, such as easily reheatable trays of food, or trays of chilled finger foods. Always have plenty of water to make sure your guests stay hydrated between all the cocktails.

Count Your Blessings
At the end of the year, take a moment to say “thanks” for all the things you’ve enjoyed this year. Grateful to your spouse? Let him know! Thankful you have a warm home and friends to celebrate with? Thank them all—and take a moment to appreciate your safety. Gratitude makes you and the person you’re thanking feel great! The staff and owners at George’s want to use this moment to thank our loyal customers, wonderful community, and strong business partners for helping make our diner in New Jersey a hit!

Start a Tradition
A new year, and even a new decade is upon us! Start a fun new tradition and see where it takes you! Some legends say that you commit yourself to doing whatever you spend the first day of the year on. So make the most of it and spend it with friends, family, and great food! Whether you visit your favorite diner on New Year’s day for a delicious breakfast meal, family dinner, or quick snack, this can become a cherished tradition.

All of us at George’s Lincoln Park Diner have enjoyed serving our wonderful community in 2019, and plan for an even bigger and better 2020!