For those who eat meat, chicken can be one of the healthiest choices. With naturally low levels of fat and carbohydrates, plenty of lean protein, and a mild flavor that goes well with pretty much anything, chicken is one of many people’s favorite foods! This month, we’ll talk about the best health benefits of this humble protein, as well as our favorite chicken dishes from the menu at George’s Lincoln Park Diner!

Why Eat Chicken?
Ever ask yourself “what is a healthy food to order at a restaurant?” The answer, many times, is chicken! Chicken is filled with lean, low-fat protein, which helps your muscles to grow and helps you feel full, even when it’s been a while since you’ve eaten. This is important in maintaining and balancing blood sugar. It has a good amount of phosphorus, a mineral that strengthens teeth and bones. Some studies have even shown that chicken can release serotonin, an amino acid that helps to regulate mood, reduce stress, and help sleep. Ever see a chicken with glasses? Chicken is naturally good for your eyes, as it provides retinol, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, and lycopene, all which help human eyes to work better—also, chickens don’t usually take eye tests! If you consume meat, chicken is a sustainable, convenient, and inexpensive way to get lots of nutrients and protein!

Our Favorite Chicken Dishes
If you’re looking for a filling, good-priced breakfast, look no further than George’s! We have plenty of options, but our featured breakfast this month is our protein breakfast wrapped, featuring scrambled egg whites, grilled chicken, and spinach, wrapped up and ready to enjoy! For lunch, we add grilled chicken to many of our salads for a boost of protein and flavor. One of our favorites is our Tuscan Salad, filled with grilled chicken, baby spinach, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, red onions, and Kalamata olives, all topped with balsamic vinaigrette. Chicken features strongly on many of our tasty wraps and hot grilled sandwiches, and our chicken and bacon club is a staff favorite! For dinner, our chicken tenders or fried chicken baskets are always hot and fresh, and for the little ones, chicken tenders are the perfect finger food!
Next time you’re looking for a great chicken dish in Lincoln Park, stop by George’s for a delicious meal!