Now that the weather has stopped being horrible all the time, people are showing new interest in thing like parties and special social events. Are you planning a graduation party, Memorial Day party, or summer kick-off party in your neighborhood? Don’t waste time doing it the hard way—check out these great tips from George’s Lincoln Park Diner to get you started! We don’t plan parties every day, but we do plan to feed hundreds of people, so we know a few things about how to do it easily.

Set hours.
Why does our restaurant in New Jersey have hours? Because our staff wants to go home and see their families—and because we want to be ready for you! Similarly, when you set clear hours for your party to stop and end, you are communicating valuable information to your guests. Just like our diner is quiet when we first open, expect your party to take some time to get rolling as people arrive “fashionably” late. If special events like food or entertainment will only be available at certain times, share this as well.

Get help.
At George’s, we couldn’t do all we do without the help from our staff! We choose high-quality people and treat them sell so they stay with us for a while. Are you doing the same with your party helpers? This isn’t the time to be lazy or procrastinate; choose those who you know will have your back and take responsibility.

Let the experts handle the food.
The best restaurant managers are not always the chefs and the best chefs are not always restaurant managers. Why? Because both are full-time jobs! If you’re planning a party, you have a lot of things to do, especially right before it kicks off. Why spend your time worrying about whether the food is cooked when there is a team of experts ready to do it for you? For your party needs this spring and summer, hire catering from your favorite diner or restaurant in New Jersey. You’ll be glad you did!

George’s Lincoln Park Diner offers catering for large and small events, or for smaller gatherings, place an order online and pick up for a no-wait, no-fuss experience!