Summer is the perfect time for a family reunion! Whether your family hails from NJ and you’re calling the aunts, uncles, and cousins back together, or if you’ve all moved here from somewhere else, make the most of your next family event with a little help from the experts at George’s Lincoln Park Diner! Here’s how we make plans even easier!

Location Choices
A family reunion can happen at all sorts of places, but when considering location, make sure to think of your guests. Is your family full of little kids who would love a place to run around? Outside venues are great! Has everyone grown up already? Bars, restaurants, or other quieter locations may be better suited.

Small Events
For very small events, consider taking all the work off your hands and hosting your next event at your favorite local restaurant or diner! The team at George’s loves seeing generations of family come into our diner for a great meal. This means no renting a location, no setup or cleanup, and you can trust that our food will be delicious as always!

Medium to Large Events
For bigger events, you probably want your own space. But if cooking isn’t your style, just bring George’s with you! We cater events large and small, which means we can bring delicious food right to your next summer party or family gathering! To make your life a little easier, think of what else you can hire or delegate out to others—decorations, cleanup, and more is easier with help!

Once you have the people there, what are they going to do? Busting out old photo albums can be great fun, as can small crafts, trivia, and funny/embarrassing stories.

Need a great place to plan your next summer event? Stop by George’s Lincoln Park Diner for a friendly place to sit and chat!