If you’re anything like the other 50 million Americans who are traveling or have a family member traveling this holiday season, you’re quite aware that there is more than just the one “holiday meal” to plan for. In fact, from the moment that the kids come back from college, grandma arrives on the plane, or anything else, your holiday is already started! How can you handle the stress of holiday visits? Try a little help from your favorite diner in New Jersey!

A Dining Room Away From Home
Before the big day, your holiday guests still need to eat! Ideally, you’d like them to do so without messing up the rest of your house, or using that valuable staging space in your kitchen. It’s too cold for a picnic, so where can your loved ones eat? Your favorite local diner is the perfect solution, because we handle the cooking and the cleanup! Keep your dining room pristine and your dishes ready for the big day and take your family for a no-fuss dinner at George’s Lincoln Park Diner.

Catered Convenience
Maybe you aren’t feeling the stress of taking the whole family out for a meal, but what are you going to snack on while having your pre-holiday tailgating party? Don’t stress—hire catering from your favorite NJ restaurant! George’s offers catering for large and small events, making our food the perfect solution for holiday visits, unexpected parties, or more. Whether you’re entertaining the family for a few days or planning the office Thanksgiving party, our catering platters are the perfect solution!

Add Ons and Extras
If you’re a kitchen warrior, you may find yourself turning your nose up at these suggestions. But are you an expert baker? Many excellent diners in NJ sell holiday pies that save you time and make sure your meal finishes on the best note possible. If you need a little help getting the big meal ready this year, you don’t have to hire it all out, call your local Lincoln Park restaurant to see what sorts of catering options they offer!