For young children, the holidays are a time of magic. Stunning decorations, beautifully wrapped gifts, and well-coordinated parties and family gatherings appear out of nowhere, bringing joy and peace… if you’re a child. For adults, on the other hand, the holidays can be a time of stress, filled with tangled decorations, out-of-stock gifts and wrapping paper that tears, and stressful family events that make you want to rip your hair out! Like real-life worker elves at a holiday factory, the best adults are busy working their magic for others to enjoy. So how can you save your sanity this holiday season? Keep reading to find some great tips from the expert planners at George’s Lincoln Park Diner!

1. Delegate appropriately. How do our cooks have time to flip pancakes, grill burgers, and assemble salads for all our customers while the food gets out nice and hot? They give the food to waitstaff to carry out to the table! To make sure the waitstaff has time to take orders and carry that food, our bussers clear the tables. Just like at our restaurant, you don’t have to do everything! If you feel overwhelmed, assign tasks to your partner, kids, friends, housemates, or anyone else involved—you’ll save time, and they’ll get to be a part of the action!

2. Cut some corners. If you know you’ll never get everything done, don’t despair. Here’s a secret: You don’t have to do everything! When time crunches down, pry yourself free by hiring catering instead of cooking the full meal, hiring a housekeeper for a few hours, ordering a festive pie from your favorite restaurant (and passing it off in grandma’s pie dish), or getting rideshare or a cab to pick up relatives from the airport. Money can’t buy love, but it can sure buy time!

3. Treat yourself. Sometimes, what you need most to beat holiday stress is a break! Treat yourself and stop by George’s Lincoln Park Diner for a lunch special during the holiday shopping, or sneak out early and enjoy a quiet breakfast before the stress starts.

4. Focus on what matters. At our diner, we sometimes experience the same challenges as any cooks—product recalls, supply shortages, and surprises from our regular vendors. However, we make sure to keep our customer service, friendly atmosphere, and desire to please strong no matter what! In the same way, keep the importance of the holidays in mind this season. Your family, friends, and quality time together is the key, not any specific gift, food item, or decoration. By focusing on what really matters, you can adapt to anything!

If the holiday stress is getting to you, don’t fret. Free up some time when you order dinner online from George’s, or plan your holiday catering in NJ today!