Italian foods have a long, happy history. From the classic dishes of Italy, to the migration of Italians across the ocean to America, delicious pastas, sauces, and proteins have been lovingly shaped by Italian and Italian American culture, making Italian food a cornerstone of great diner food. When you visit your favorite diner in Lincoln Park or anywhere else in New Jersey, you can usually count on some Italian entrees. Read on to find out about the history of Italian foods, the history of Italian foods on the menu at George’s, and our favorite entrees!

Italian Foods in American Diners
Italian food made its way to American with Italian immigrants. Just like any cultural group, newly immigrated Italians shared their culture and cooking in their new homes, and the delicious dishes quickly caught on! While many recipes were modified to match the ingredients available in the new country, this went on to become the foundation of Italian-American food—a cuisine of its own sort! As innovative Italians began opening restaurants, Italian-American food swept the nation and became quite popular.

Italian Foods at George’s
When the original menu for George’s Lincoln Park Diner was created, Italian specialties were featured as they were are many restaurants and diners. The difference? At George’s, we stay committed to using local ingredients whenever possible, giving our dishes a unique New Jersey flavor. Best of all, your meals are always as fresh and delicious as can be!

Featured Entrees
What are our favorite Italian specialties? You can’t go wrong with spaghetti and meatballs, and our house-made meatballs draw plenty of compliments. Our chicken parmigiana is cooked to perfection and a popular option. Our penne vodka sauce is creamy and delicious. In fact, we would recommend any of our dishes for your enjoyment! Stop by George’s Lincoln Park Diner today for a great meal, or place an online order and bring some home with you!