It seems like winter has just gotten into full swing, but is that swing ever cold! As the chilly weather takes over the east coast, you might not be feeling a night out on the town—after all, going out comes with cold weather, bundling up, driving in the dark, and more! Want to plan a great night in? Try these fun tips from your friends at George’s Lincoln Park Diner!

Make it Special
You can stay in any night—after all, isn’t that what you do when you wash laundry all day, binge streaming shows, or just “hang out?” If you want to plan a special “night in,” you need to go a step further. Do you always lounge in your old sweats? Try something new, or go all out and dress up like you’re going out for the night. Sometimes getting ready is half the fun!

Invite Good People
For the best night in, you need good people—if you’re feeling like “people” at all! You can plan a fun night in with friends or family, or introverts can enjoy a dedicated day to themselves. Make sure you pick the right people (or nobody!) so you enjoy your night in.

Order Food
Let’s face it, the core of most social engagements is either music or food, and what’s better than a hot, comforting meal during the winter months? You don’t want to drag everyone out for a restaurant meal, but if you still want to get the same high-quality food and fast service, order online from George’s Lincoln Park Diner!

Do Something
For a memorable “night in,” have something planned to do. This could be game night, a favorite movie marathon, crafting, reading, gaming, or anything else—but plan some sort of activity and you’ll have a great night!

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