If you’re not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids, your health may be at risk. Even for healthy people, getting enough omega-3 fatty acids is important. Those of us at George’s Lincoln Park Diner know that many of our customers are seeking a healthier eating pattern in 2019, and we’d like to share some of our favorite tips and food ideas!

Why eat Omega-3s?
Aside from sounding cool, omega-3s have important benefits for your health. One of the first is reducing the amount of triglycerides (fat) in your blood, reducing your risk for heart disease. Next up is immune functioning and inflammation: If you struggle with arthritis, autoimmune diseases, or similar concerns, you may be able to find some relief with a diet full of omega-3s. Your mood may improve as well, as studies of cultures who typically eat diets high in omega 3s have lower rates of depression and improvement with bipolar disorder. We’re not saying a delicious meal will fix these conditions, but it may help!

Where to find them?
Probably the best source of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet is from fish. Fish, especially fatty fish like salmon or tuna, provide these important building blocks naturally. But never fear—vegetarians can reach omega-3 fatty acid goals through nuts and seeds.

Our Favorites
Sure, you can find omega-3 fatty acid supplements at your favorite health store, but how do you get enough omega-3s at your favorite restaurant in New Jersey? Try our seafood section! Seafood and sea creatures are packed with omega-3s, and we have a variety of sole, shrimp, and tuna. Eggs are also a great way to get your nutrients, and are filled with omega-3 fatty acids. Vegan or vegetarian? We have something for you! Leafy greens like spinach, as well as nuts and grains can provide important omega 3s as well.

Stop by George’s Lincoln Park diner in NJ today for a great meal—and get some nutrition while you’re here!