From planning the guest list to arranging entertainment to cleaning up afterward, event planning can be a challenge. How can you ensure that your guests have a great time at your holiday or New Year’s party, especially when you have so much to do? The team at George’s Lincoln Park Diner has helped with plenty of events at our diner and throughout the community, and we want to share our favorite piece of advice with you today: Cater it! Read on to find out how and why catering can save your next event.

1. Save time. The most obvious benefit of hiring a caterer for your next party in Lincoln Park is that you do not have to waste time cooking. This includes the time prepping the food, mixing it, seasoning it, cooking it, all those times you have to check on it, and then you have all the clean up to do as well! Unless you have a body double, you’ll be hard-pressed to find time for all this.

2. Save effort. Even if you do have a body double, you’re both probably better off using your energy wisely. The staff at George’s cook for a living, which means we can do it quickly and efficiently. You know what else helps us to be efficient? Professional kitchen equipment! We are not limited to a household stove, which makes it that much easier for us to handle it.

3. Safety counts! Nobody wants to think about this, but are you sure your home kitchen is really adequate for large-scale food preparation? Can you ensure that your food will be held at a safe temperature? When you hire catering, you are passing that risk onto your caterers, who are well-aware of the importance of food safety. Make your next event a healthy one and have George’s Lincoln Park Diner cater instead!

Have we convinced you yet? We sure hope so, because we love sharing our food with the community at all sorts of parties and events. For your next event, large or small, contact George’s Lincoln Park Diner for catering!