Lights, decorated trees, fireworks, and other brightness characterizes the holiday season, but when you’re overworked, you certainly aren’t feeling very bright! Fortunately, the team at George’s Lincoln Park Diner has got you covered with some great catering options. Read on to find out how to use catering to make your holiday season brighter!

Master the Office Party
Have you found yourself stuck coordinating the annual holiday office party this year? Don’t despair—have it catered! Holiday office parties are a great way to bring people together, lighten the load of the everyday work schedule, and show employees how much you care about them. But most businesses are not well-equipped with food preparation facilities, and who wants to add cooking for a potluck to the office tasks? Cater with George’s this holiday season for a party your co-workers won’t forget!

Wow the Family and Friends
Catering from George’s Diner doesn’t just go over well in professional settings, your family and friends will love our delicious, festive catering options! For the best family get-together, friends holiday party, or something else, save yourself some time and let the professionals handle the food.

Just Get a Minute’s Rest!
Okay, maybe you’re not a party planner. In fact, maybe you’re so busy wrapping gifts, attending parties, finishing up end-of-the-year projects, and doing everything else that you can’t even think of a good dinner, let alone a whole meal! George’s has you covered! Our catering and online ordering is perfect for orders large or small, so even if you don’t have a whole party to plan, you can still enjoy some rest by having a lunch, dinner, or a few meals provided by the great staff at George’s!

During the busiest time of year, smart planners know how to draw on the great resources from their community to make things easier. This holiday season consider bringing George’s with you to your next occasion!