Want to celebrate fall in a meaty, hearty way? Then check out the Oktoberfest menu at George’s! We love a good celebration, and one that is centered around delightful fall foods is definitely our style! For the best in sausages and fall favorites, see what our Oktoberfest has to offer!

The Entrees
Step right into Bavaria with a dish of beef goulash, a tender beef stew with a rich, savory flavor. For other beefy goods, try the sauerbraten with ginger snap gravy, a delightful twist on beef roast. Prefer pork? Our Jager schnitzel has a delicious pork cutlet covered in hunter mushroom gravy. For the most tender cutlets, try our Weiner schnitzel or Weiner schnitzel Holstein, thin veal cutlets that are sure to melt in your mouth.

The Sausages
Traditional Oktoberfest food has to include sausages! But where you can you find traditional Oktoberfest foods in New Jersey? We have bockwurst, a white veal sausage, bratwurst, a smoked pork sausage, or knockwurst, a delightful classic beef sausage. Each one cooked to plump perfection, we guarantee these will satisfy your meatiest cravings!

The Sides
Keeping with tradition, Oktoberfest sides are savory and hearty. Egg noodles and potato pancakes are filling and rich, and our red cabbage and Bavarian sauerkraut are perfectly balanced between sour and savory. For a sweeter side, try our fresh applesauce, and for something lighter, our garden vegetables are always popular. Not feeling a specialty side? Don’t worry, our regular selection of potatoes are available as sides as well.

The Beverages
You know a traditional Oktoberfest usually involves beer, wine, or cider… and you are welcome to bring some along! At George’s, we welcome guests to bring their own beer or wines along. Plenty of fall favorites make excellent accompaniments to our Oktoberfest menu!
Ready to celebrate Oktoberfest this year? Then head over to George’s Lincoln Park Diner! Our Oktoberfest menu won’t last for long, so come by soon!