With Valentine’s Day on the way, many people who visit our diner in Lincoln Park are struggling to come up with a good idea to treat themselves and their loved ones to a great, fun holiday. But do you find that you and yours are bored with the cards, flowers, and candies that are traditional for this holiday? If so, consider some creative Valentine’s Day celebration ideas for 2018!

Gross-Out Kiss-Off. While most people visit a great restaurant or diner in New York to enjoy an upscale meal for Valentine’s Day, you may have more fun with a “gross-out” contest. Instead of enjoying lightly, subtle flavors, go all out and seek out as much garlic, chili pepper, and other “lingering” foods as you can! Does your partner still want to come near you? It’s a sign of true love!

Unconventional Valentines. Are you happy flying solo, rejecting the dating scene for a while, or just not in a place to try to synchronize your life with that of another person? Show someone else you love them! This could be another single friend, a relative, or even your furry friends—after all, you know they were there for you during the breakup! While you can’t bring your poodle to a great restaurant in NJ, you can definitely bring your bestie. For all 4-legged friends, try celebrating at home with takeout!

Love the Forgotten. You know a lot of people seek to donate time, money, and energy to charitable causes during the winter holidays? Many food banks overflow in November and December, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a soup kitchen with room to volunteer in. However, by February, everyone has forgotten about this sector of society, and many are busy being lovebirds on Valentine’s Day. This year, show your love for humankind in general and volunteer! You can bring your partner with you for twice the impact on someone else’s life.

Of course, if you want a traditional Valentine’s Day celebration, you are always welcome to join us at George’s Lincoln Park Diner!