When you think of holidays in March, your mind will most likely go straight to St. Patrick’s Day. But don’t forget about March 14th—Pi Day! We’re not talking about the pie that you eat, we’re talking about the mathematical constant starting with 3.14 (hence being celebrated on 3/14). So what is pi? Let us take you back to your school days in math class. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The most recent record-holder calculated the pi has 22.4 trillion digits. So what does this have to do with George’s Lincoln Park Diner in NJ? It gives us an excuse to celebrate and eat pie!

Pi Day has been celebrated around schools and in the workplace for years, but it was officially recognized in 2009. Many people celebrate by making circular foods, eating pizza, dressing up, and simply eating or baking pies! We think the best way to celebrate is by eating a scrumptious pie. At George’s Lincoln Park Diner, we make our homemade desserts with fresh ingredients and a touch of love! Come celebrate Pi Day with us; we have an assortment of pies including cherry and apple.