Special Events

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby Showers

When something special happens in your life, you want to celebrate—and feed all your hungry friends and family members! Make the most out of your next wedding, baby shower, or other special event by having the Lincoln Park Diner cater it. We’ll work with you to choose a perfect menu, and we are always up to special decorations and themed events!

Corporate Events

  • Meetings
  • Team Buildings
  • Corporate Parties

Your corporate guests are probably tired of the same old catering. If you want dishes that are homemade, inspired, and delivered fresh and ready to eat, try George’s Lincoln Park Diner! We can handle large and small events, which means that we can be your go-to choices for holiday employee events, guest visitors, or special occasions in the workplace.

Social Events

  • Birthday’s
  • Family Reunion
  • Or just because

What’s a great part about growing up? Your social events include better food than a greasy cardboard box of pizza and some salty chips. Class up your next family reunion, friend anniversary, or other social event by having George’s Lincoln Park Diner cater! We have plenty of foods, and we’re certain everyone will enjoy!