Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day at George’s!

If you’ve visited George’s Lincoln Park Diner, you know we love corned beef all year-round! Our corned beef hash gets plenty of great reviews, and people order it day and night on our all-day menu! So, when it finally comes time for the classic Irish-American holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, we hope to see even [...]

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These Romantic Dishes Set the Mood for Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and your date wants a romantic meal! Since as far back as human history is recorded, food and love have been intertwined. After all, how else can you spend time with someone and nourish them all at once? Certain foods have gained a reputation as being particularly amorous, [...]

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Last-Minute Holiday Tips from Your Favorite Diner

For young children, the holidays are a time of magic. Stunning decorations, beautifully wrapped gifts, and well-coordinated parties and family gatherings appear out of nowhere, bringing joy and peace… if you’re a child. For adults, on the other hand, the holidays can be a time of stress, filled with tangled decorations, out-of-stock gifts and wrapping [...]

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