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Make Holiday Visits a Breeze with George’s

If you’re anything like the other 50 million Americans who are traveling or have a family member traveling this holiday season, you’re quite aware that there is more than just the one “holiday meal” to plan for. In fact, from the moment that the kids come back from college, grandma arrives on the plane, or [...]

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Stop by for National Sundae Day

Do you love any excuse to celebrate? How about an excuse to eat delicious ice cream? If so, join us at George’s Lincoln Park Diner on November 11th for National Sundae Day! That’s right, someone, at some time, decided to dedicate this whole delightful day to one of the best treats ever—sundaes! Read on to [...]

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Go German with Oktoberfest!

Want to celebrate fall in a meaty, hearty way? Then check out the Oktoberfest menu at George’s! We love a good celebration, and one that is centered around delightful fall foods is definitely our style! For the best in sausages and fall favorites, see what our Oktoberfest has to offer! The Entrees Step right into [...]

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Play “Chicken” with GLP During National Chicken Month

For those who eat meat, chicken can be one of the healthiest choices. With naturally low levels of fat and carbohydrates, plenty of lean protein, and a mild flavor that goes well with pretty much anything, chicken is one of many people’s favorite foods! This month, we’ll talk about the best health benefits of this [...]

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The Benefits of Summer Vegetables

Summer harvest has been fruitful and there are many more weeks left to enjoy a bounty of New Jersey home grown produce. When July melts its way into August this is the time that summer harvest is at its peak. Zucchini and yellow squash is golden and tomatoes are ripening beautifully. Lettuces and all kinds [...]

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A Day for “Junk Food” and Why We Love It!

Hey there junk food lovers! Do you love the salty, greasy, sugary, nutritionally-emptiest food you can get? Oh yeah! While you can’t gobble up the junk food all day, every day, a little splurge now and then can be fun! That’s why the team at George’s Lincoln Park Diner were amused to hear that July [...]

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Make Your Next Family Reunion a Breeze with These Tipss

Summer is the perfect time for a family reunion! Whether your family hails from NJ and you’re calling the aunts, uncles, and cousins back together, or if you’ve all moved here from somewhere else, make the most of your next family event with a little help from the experts at George’s Lincoln Park Diner! Here’s [...]

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Celebrate National Fruit and Veggies Month with These Great Dishes

June is national fruits and veggies month, which means some people are focusing on these tasty dietary elements. But did you know that most people do not get the recommended five or more servings of fruits and veggies each day? Natural foods like these are filled with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and more—and are often low [...]

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Celebrate National Hamburger Month With Our Burgers

Do you love burgers? If so, this is the month for you! We like to check out “food holidays” because we love all things food at George’s Lincoln Park Diner. May is National Hamburger Month, with May 28th holding the title of National Hamburger Day. We suspect that Memorial Day has something to do with [...]

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Plan Your Spring Parties The Easy Way

Now that the weather has stopped being horrible all the time, people are showing new interest in thing like parties and special social events. Are you planning a graduation party, Memorial Day party, or summer kick-off party in your neighborhood? Don’t waste time doing it the hard way—check out these great tips from George’s Lincoln [...]

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