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These Romantic Dishes Set the Mood for Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and your date wants a romantic meal! Since as far back as human history is recorded, food and love have been intertwined. After all, how else can you spend time with someone and nourish them all at once? Certain foods have gained a reputation as being particularly amorous, [...]

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The History of Comfort Food and Our Faves

No matter your relationship with food, you have to admit it can be comforting to sit down with a hot plate. Many people associate comfort food with high-fat, carb-loaded classics, just like mom or grandma used to make! But where did comfort food start off? Chances are, it was with a budget. Read on to [...]

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Boost Your Diet Resolutions With These Light Dishes

Have you made resolutions this year? If you have, you’re not alone—most Americans love the New Year’s Resolution tradition, and use the turn of the calendar to mark important changes in health and diet. In fact, one survey found that 51% of Americans want to eat healthier in the new year—and 42% resolve to lose [...]

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Ring in the Twenties with a Hassle-Free New Year’s Eve Party

Get ready, because the roaring 20s are just around the corner! It seems strange, but the 2020s are coming right up, and what better way to celebrate than with a New Year’s Eve Party! When you’re planning your holiday events this year, make sure to keep the last night of the year open for fun, [...]

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Make Holiday Visits a Breeze with George’s

If you’re anything like the other 50 million Americans who are traveling or have a family member traveling this holiday season, you’re quite aware that there is more than just the one “holiday meal” to plan for. In fact, from the moment that the kids come back from college, grandma arrives on the plane, or [...]

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Stop by for National Sundae Day

Do you love any excuse to celebrate? How about an excuse to eat delicious ice cream? If so, join us at George’s Lincoln Park Diner on November 11th for National Sundae Day! That’s right, someone, at some time, decided to dedicate this whole delightful day to one of the best treats ever—sundaes! Read on to [...]

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These Fall Comfort Foods Warm You Up

After a long, warm summer, the chill of fall is finally here! And with it comes delicious comfort foods! No matter what your dietary plans, most people can admit that chilly temperatures make them crave some calories—in fact, calorie-dense foods like pastas, creamy sauces, and cheeses could have made our ancestors a little more likely [...]

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Go German with Oktoberfest!

Want to celebrate fall in a meaty, hearty way? Then check out the Oktoberfest menu at George’s! We love a good celebration, and one that is centered around delightful fall foods is definitely our style! For the best in sausages and fall favorites, see what our Oktoberfest has to offer! The Entrees Step right into [...]

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Back to School Meals

George’s Lincoln Park Diner knows when school is in session, quick healthy breakfasts, easy packed lunches, and one-pot dinners are key to staying energized, focused and satisfied. Your local farmers market and roadside stands still have many just-picked summer fruits and vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini and blueberries. September is the month to buy other [...]

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Play “Chicken” with GLP During National Chicken Month

For those who eat meat, chicken can be one of the healthiest choices. With naturally low levels of fat and carbohydrates, plenty of lean protein, and a mild flavor that goes well with pretty much anything, chicken is one of many people’s favorite foods! This month, we’ll talk about the best health benefits of this [...]

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