One of the biggest joys of being a child is the long holiday break, often spanning two to three weeks where there is no school, no homework, and nothing that kids “have” to do! For parents, however, this break may not look like an endless sea of peace, it may look more like an endless cause of arguments, whining, and boredom! Those of us at George’s Lincoln Park Diner love seeing friendly little faces at our restaurant, and we’ve learned some great ideas over the year to bust that boredom! We’re sharing them with you today.

Invention and Creation
Remember being young and wanting to “make” anything you could? Today’s culture and social media make it easy! Search the web for fun creative ideas such as building structures, creating slime or putty, or making a homemade snow globe.

Lovely Lunch
Break up the PBJ routine at home and head out for lunch! This is a great way to help your child practice social skills and financial skills, and many restaurants in New Jersey offer special deals at lunch time.

Creative Cooking
For older kids, as well as those with a parent who loves to cook, cooking can be a fun activity to practice during the holidays. Whether this is helping to get dinner ready, making special holiday cookies, or recreating a favorite dish from your child’s favorite restaurant in New Jersey, this can be a fun way to spend time. For aspiring cooks who are too young to use a stove independently, decorating projects can be very exciting.

Choose Charity
The holidays are a perfect time to find ways for your family to get more involved in charity! Sponsor a family for the holidays, donate to your favorite cause, or find ways to give time in your community.

Ready to tackle the holiday break? Feel free to stop by George’s anytime for a great meal!