George’s Lincoln Park Diner knows when school is in session, quick healthy breakfasts, easy packed lunches, and one-pot dinners are key to staying energized, focused and satisfied. Your local farmers market and roadside stands still have many just-picked summer fruits and vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini and blueberries. September is the month to buy other produce at their peak such as corn, potatoes and onions. A weekend outing to pick apples, pears, and pumpkins is here! Make the most of New Jersey in the fall and continue to eat fresh and home-cooked meal whenever possible.

As the weather begins to cool and the high school football game is on Friday night, make a big batch of chili to eat at the tailgate or before heading out the door. Or go with an easy Italian favorite like Chicken Parmigiana using pre-breaded chicken breasts, jarred sauce and shredded cheese. George’s Lincoln Park Diner has a variety of offerings ranging from chicken to eggplant to shrimp parmigiana served with your choice of soup or salad every day. Other family favorites include Chicken Marsala or Francese, Penne Vodka, plus many roasts and grilled items. At George’s we are food lovers—that means real food made with the finest local ingredients, just like home.

Whether you are running out of time one evening or just want to gather for some quality family time, rely on George’s Lincoln Park Diner for your next meal. Stop in or order online to go.