Hey there junk food lovers! Do you love the salty, greasy, sugary, nutritionally-emptiest food you can get? Oh yeah! While you can’t gobble up the junk food all day, every day, a little splurge now and then can be fun! That’s why the team at George’s Lincoln Park Diner were amused to hear that July 21 is “Junk Food Day.” Read on to find out why junk food can be great and preview our favorite indulgent dishes.

Why Eat “Junk Food?”
If junk food isn’t healthy, why do we eat it? The answer has a lot more to do with our brains than our taste buds. Throughout human history, “junk” food used to mean foods filled with calories—think about finding a beehive full of honey, or spending months aging milk into salty, fatty cheese. Before supermarkets and convenient diners in New Jersey opened their doors, these sorts of finds could mean the difference between living through the winter and starving to death! Today, people can get these tasty foods year-round, but we still crave the burst of calories and the delight of eating them.

Our Favorites
Like most diners and restaurants in New Jersey, George’s Lincoln Park Diner has plenty of foods available for “Junk Food” day! Our appetizers are the perfect definition of salty, savory, and indulgent, with rich mozzarella sticks, gravy-smothered disco fries, chicken fingers breaded to perfection and ready for your favorite dipping sauce, or chili cheese fries! For a sweet indulgence, our milkshakes hit the spot at ay time of day, and our ice cream floats, cannoli, and rice pudding are creamy and delightful!

How Much is Too Much?
The single most important thing about indulging in rich foods is to use moderation. Maybe a milkshake isn’t the best way to end every meal, but for a special occasion, it can be a delightful snack.